In every wardrobe across the country, there will always be that ONE t-shirt. Full of holes, ratty, faded, hanging by the last thread…and the one you will never throw away. The t-shirt that’s always there for you when you’re desperately in need of some familiarity, warmth and comfort. The t-shirt that automatically elevates how you feel when you slip it over your head.

For all of us, these t-shirts represent more than just pieces of clothing – they are packed full with memories, and the essence of wearing it, like hugging a friend that has been with us through all the ups and downs of life. 

We want our t-shirts to evoke that same emotion in you.

Designed using Triblend, our positive t-shirts are super soft, incredibly comfortable, definitely memorable, and come with more than just a physical feel good factor. When you buy a t-shirt from us, you don’t just buy a garment – You become an active part in monetarily furthering the medical research conducted on studying rare diseases. Every purchase you make, and every dollar that comes our way, goes towards developing technology to treat these conditions and to helping children with rare diseases get the medical equipment or care that they need. We started our Ecommerce store with one singular purpose – to find a way for our Foundation to reach out, connect with people across all terrains using the power of social media, and raise funds that enable science to discover solutions for families like us.

When you buy a t-shirt from us, you are giving one child in the world a new lease on life. So opt for a PeaPot Jones design today, and start spreading the hope.

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